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What I’m trying to do

I want to display a checkbox property in the result of my dataview query and have it appear as a check or an empty checkbox rather than “true” or “false.”

Things I have tried

I have searched but not found an easy solution.

I don’t know either plugin well, but you might check if the Tasks plugin can do what you want.

Can you give a visual example of what you’re trying to do, and what code you’re using that gives you the wrong result?

The notes being queried have a property called flag, which is set as type checkbox.
This code displays “true” or “false” for flag.

table flag, item-note, join(file.tags, ", ") as tags
from #pn/hs/phn and #broken
sort item-number

I recommend using the choice() function for this.

I suggest starting with formatting the field in the TABLE clause and see if that meets your needs:

	choice(Field1, "☑", "☐") as Field1,
	choice(Field2, "☑", "☐") as Field2

You could also use FLATTEN to create new fields and then refer to them in the TABLE clause. It’s more complicated, but also more flexible:

	Field1Checkbox as Field1, 
	Field2Checkbox as Field2
FLATTEN choice(Field1, "☑", "☐") as Field1Checkbox
FLATTEN choice(Field2, "☑", "☐") as Field2Checkbox

Please note that the WHERE clauses in my queries are just to narrow the results; they aren’t needed for formatting the fields.

Here’s what both approaches look like in my vault:

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Thanks! Just one question: What is the ASCII codes that you used to render the checkbox symbols in the edit view?

I’m using Unicode U+2610 and U+2611.

More info:

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