Dataview Calendar: Set View (Focus Month)

Hi all, can’t seem to find an answer on this. I have included some details about why I’m trying to do this in case anyone has other ideas or suggestions for a different solution outside dataview CALENDAR.

What I’m trying to do

Typically in my monthly notes, I use dataview LIST to create a list of all of the month’s daily notes. That way, from the monthly note, I can easily navigate to any given day.

Since a list of 30 or so notes is rather long and takes up some good real-estate in my monthly note, I would like to use the CALENDAR query instead, where each day has the associated daily note.

While I can get this to work fine, the issue is that the CALENDAR output automatically focuses on the month of the current day. This isn’t helpful for previous month’s notes, where I want the calendar to focus on that month (i.e., the CALENDAR output currently focuses on July, even in previous month’s notes where the dataview query is only asking for notes from June or May). The calendar is still functioning properly, only showing dots for notes from the months I ask it for, but it always refocuses on the current month when I leave the note.

SO, is there anyway to “set” the focus month for the Calendar output? I.e., tell dataview to give me a calendar for only June 2023.

Things I have tried

Here’s what I’m currently using:

WHERE file.folder = "02 - Notes/Daily Notes/2023/07-July"

I store each of my daily notes in separate month folders, and I use Templater to automatically set the correct folder (06-June, 05-May, etc.).

Other Notes

I am aware of and do use the Calendar plugin, which works fine. And I realize there are some other ways to quickly open particular daily notes via the command palette, or even just through my file structure. But I would like something clickable within the monthly note that will take me to a specific day, and ideally not take up as much space as list of the individual notes.

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I have an open feature request for this exact issue. If you want to track it, you can find it at Specify default month to display with a calendar query · Issue #1810 · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview · GitHub

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