Dataview, Buttons and MetaEdit - How to use one button to update two (or more) YAML fields?

What I’m trying to do

Each of my projects live on a page by itself and I have things like start date, due date, completed date, and status in the YAML header.

I want to create a button that would update the status, and the completed date.
Preferably if it could move my note into another folder as well that would be even better, but I don’t think that’s possible (I’m more than happy to be proven wrong)

Things I have tried

const {update} =["metaedit"].api 
const {createButton} = app.plugins.plugins["buttons"] 
dv.el("p", "Status: `$= dv.current().status`") 

createButton({app, el: this.container, args: {name: "completed"}, clickOverride: {click: update, params: ['status', "completed", dv.current().file.path]}})

I currently have a button that can change the status to “completed” but I don’t know how to also make it update the completed_date field.

Can you share the status change button? I have also been looking to do similar things to your request. I’m interested to see if anything comes of this.

my code above is the status change button; it updates the status field to “completed”

you just have to replicate it for each of the different statuses you want to use.

I assume just wrap this in a dataviewjs codeblock?

I’ve had some issues with the Templater plugin lately, but one idea springs to the mind when you request this, and that is to trigger a template doing the updating.

That is, let the button trigger a javascript template, <%* ... >, which does the actual update of the various field. This will kill two birds with one stone; first of all, it’ll allow you to change however many fields you want, and secondly it’ll shorten your code as the script is included in another file.

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yes, that’s correct.

interesting suggesting, I would need to think about how to implement that; one of fields that gets updated is also a calculation field.

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