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wizards, I’m stuck. I want to use Dataview to show me all bullet points with a certain tag created in a certain timeframe, not links to the notes in which they were created. Would love to hear your thoughts




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You could use tasks. The queries link you to the task directly, not the notes. And you can include metadata. Also, it can be useful to have a template to more easily add the fields. For tags you could use contains.

Below is some copied content from the Dataview documentation. I hope it helps.


You can also annotate your tasks (I.e., lines of the form - [ ] blah blah blah) with metadata using inline field syntax:

- [ ] Hello, this is some [metadata:: value]!
- [X] I finished this on [completion::2021-08-15].

Field Shorthands

For supporting “common use cases”, Dataview understands a few shorthands for common data you may want to annotate task with:


  • Due Date: 🗓️YYYY-MM-DD
  • Completed Date: ✅YYYY-MM-DD
  • Created Date: ➕YYYY-MM-DD
  • Start Date: 🛫YYYY-MM-DD
  • Scheduled Date: ⏳YYYY-MM-DD


  • Due this saturday :spiral_calendar:2021-08-29
  • Completed last saturday :white_check_mark:2021-08-22
  • I made this on :heavy_plus_sign:1990-06-14
  • Task I can start this weekend :flight_departure:2021-08-29
  • Task I finished ahead of schedule :hourglass_flowing_sand:2021-08-29 :white_check_mark:2021-08-22

Note that, if you do not like emojis, you can still annotate these fields textually ([due:: ], [created:: ], [completion:: ], [start:: ], [scheduled:: ]).

Sorry if this is a bit incomplete. I may be able to build a working example query later if no one else already has. Good luck!

Very nice! I’ll give that a go.

Hey @Mayank2. You might find this as useful as I did:

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