Database folder does not show a list of tags after update

Hello All,

I have create database folder lists last week for notes and conferences. The tags make sure the specific notes end up in the correct list. These lists stopped working after the update of the DB folder plugin.

This is the message I get from the console :

The list shows nothing.

Any ideas on how to fix this without re-doing the lists ?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

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What is that first reference to “Conference”? It’s not a tag, but is it supposed to be a file link or a string?

It was just added like below. But it broke after updating dataview. The tables were pretty extensive with different parameters so I was wondering if there would be a fix instead of rebuilding.

Sorry, In the above I have made an err by saying ‘broke after updating dataview’. This must be, broke after updating DB folder.

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