Database based on folders

Hello obsidian community,
Since December of last year I have been thinking of a plugin on a Notion-style database window. This month I have been able to begin to materialise it and I consider that it is mature enough to share it with you.

I still have many features to add in mind and I hope to be able to publish it officially between this month and the next.

Currently you can add & edit rows, add & edit columns, choose type of column and order rows.

I am working hard on it. You can now install manually release v0.0.3 if you want to try it.

Devs, all help its welcome.

Hope you appreciate it!


Looking great thanks for your efforts will give it a try


It looks interesting, thank you!


3 new versions of this beta available releases


No longer broken

  • Fixed unable to add frontmatter to note after modify label ISSUE#10


Shiny new things

  • Added Drag & Drop columns. Order is persisted ISSUE#5

  • Style background of the table is now adapted to the theme PR#9 zubayrrr


  • State of table toggle configuration added. Show react table state at bottom of the page. It has a default value & local value of each dadabase.


Shiny new things

  • Global filters added

nice one mate, will give it a try :smile::+1:

With the 0.0.7 I am exploring the concept of event driven with changes inside.

Now you can config a select type column so when you change the value, the file is moved into a subfolder!

Would love this to be available for mobile. Even installed through BRAT, I can download it but can’t load it .

Mobile is not supported yet because obsidian version. Was developed with 14.5 in mind and the mobile I think has the 14.2 right now.

renamed project name (locale translation) bd for db.

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I’m using the mobile beta version, which is equivalent to 0.14.6 on desktop, so no.

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With emulation its working. I will add this problem to the backlog, thanks for the feedback!

new issue added to Kanban