Data entry cursor blinking green and not responsive

Steps to reproduce

Open a closed Obsidian vault.
Type in the editor.

Expected result

Being able to type data at the cursor.

Actual result

The cursor is blinking green and won’t respond.
Resolves after a few seconds of quickly typing.


Obsidian 0.7.3
Catalina 10.15.5

Additional information

Obsidian vault stored on iCloud indexed to DevonThink 3 pro.

are you sure you didn’t activate the vim mode?

Yes, that’s it, vim mode was on!
I turned vim off and it has resolved.
Thank you for your help.

I also faced same problem.
What to do if I want to use vim mode.

I haven’t use it until now. I am not able to find time for that.
(If possible, please, also suggest a comprehensible source to learn it for obsidian.)

@ViaAhmed You can turn Vim on and off in settings, under the editor section.

Note: This will be helpful to get started.
Commands for changing modes, in and out of Vim when it’s turned on.
The most commonly used command to enter in to insert mode is “i” regular prompt.
To shift back to (Vim) normal mode, press Esc.


This lecture video may help:

Thanks for quick response. I will look into it. :smile:

This post on Medium is very encouraging, with helpful and resource links.
“Vim Isn’t That Scary”

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