Dark Mode-Compatible Snippet for Auto Card Links Plugin

Hi all! I’m really liking the Auto Card Link plugin, but found that the white background wasn’t to my liking, due to my love of dark mode.

So, I changed it up! Now it has no background, meaning it should work for those who use either dark or light modes. Additionally, the card’s text and border now use color variables from your theme settings, meaning it will likely suit any user’s tastes.



Hope this helps someone out there! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

[Auto Card Link] No White Background.css (784 Bytes)

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My mistake! I somehow completely overlooked the fact that the card’s thumbnail had a radius that did not match the border, creating white space in the corners. I’ve revised the snippet to fix this issue, see the attached picture.

[Auto Card Link] No White Background.css (894 Bytes)