Darakah gallery plugin fork - usage help

i’ve been trying to use the updated fork of Darakah’s gallery plugin for character art galleries within my vault. i’ve been primarily trying to use the display block. i haven’t been able to get the path right, since nothing ever pops up and it just leaves a blank space.

i have an alternative i’m using for now, but i’d rather use this plugin as it includes mp4 videos, and i have timelapses i would like included in the galleries.

i’ve looked everywhere for a syntax guide for this plugin and i’ve found nothing. i’m not sure what a regex expression is, and nothing i’ve tried has worked so far.

here is the updated fork for those interested.

update: i figured it out by fiddling with it a bit longer. “type: active-thumb” doesn’t work quite right, though i will keep messing with that. however, here is the code i have that currently functions.

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