Daily Quote in Templater not working?

For the last week or so, the tp.web.daily_quote() function that Templater uses to pull random quotes (from https://api.quotable.io) has not been working. It returns “Error generating daily quote”. The first day I noticed it giving this error message was July 29 (seven days ago). Does anyone else experience this issue, and does anybody know if this is something to do with Templater or if it might be an issue with the website it’s pulling from?


I’m not a dev so take this with a giant grain of salt :innocent:

But apparently, the /random endpoint Templater uses to fetch the daily quote has been deprecated on the API’s side in favor of this endpoint: /quotes/random :blush:

So, this could be a potential issue …

But, on the other hand, there are 3 issues opened recently on the API’s repo all stating that the API is currently down and/or broken somewhere … and has been for at least few days now :

So I can only guess that this would be the actual reason tp.web.daily_quote() doesn’t work anymore :blush: .

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Thanks – the fact that there’s no (or almost no) dev responses on the APIs GitHub site is a little concerning. No big deal for me as I am just using this for fun in a daily notes template, but at least I can rule out myself as a cause. :smile:


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