Daily Obsidian Tips - quick email tips delivered daily

I’ve learned quite a bit from this Obsidian community over the years, and wanted to share a new side project I’ve started to (hopefully) help others who are just coming to Obsidian like I was when I first stumbled across this forum.

The project is called Daily Obsidian Tips, where I share what I’m learning about Obsidian via an email sequence that shares one quick Obsidian tip per day. I try to cover a broad range of tips from beginner to advanced that I’ve found practical and useful. The goal is to deliver a single quick tip every day and show how it can be useful so that you can then go implement it without a huge time investment if it resonates.

Disclaimer: I’m sure there are a good number of people on this forum who already know quite a bit more about Obsidian than I do. But if you’re new to Obsidian and don’t know where to even start, hopefully this can be helpful.

If interested, it’s available for free at dailyobsidiantips.com. There are currently 52 daily tips, and I plan to keep adding new tips over time (I currently have an outline for 50 more).

EDIT: For transparency, I use Apple devices. So all of the tips are from a macOS or iOS perspective. Just so all you Windows user don’t feel duped.


Thanks for sharing this! Is it possible to subscribe this through RSS?

It isn’t currently, but that’s an interesting idea I’ll look into.

I got the idea from someone sharing that daily emails are a great mechanic for getting people to go through online course content (I’ve created a bunch of courses over the last several years, mostly at The Sweet Setup, and have seen a lot of people who buy a course but never go through it). So what I’ve set up is a simple email automation sequence that drips a new email every day after someone signs up using ConvertKit.

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Already enjoying your newsletter. Is there a way to look back through previous tips … or do you start each subscription right from the start?

It’s a simple email sequence that starts at the beginning the day someone signs up. So no matter when you sign up, you begin at Day 1 and go until you reach the end (see all the tips).

I do have a bunch more planned, so it’s possible someone could get to the end and not get one for awhile but then they’d get a new one once it’s added to the end of the sequence.

Kill the Newsletter can do this


I’ve never seen this service before, but this is cool. Going to start using this myself. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: