Daily Notes: Support night owls, i.e. configurable time for end of the day

For those who regularly work past midnight, it would be nice if there was a configurable “end of the day” time setting such as 6:00. So between 0:00 and 5:59am of the following day, the action (or hotkey) for going to the current daily note would still go to what is technically yesterday but in my mind still the same workday/worknight.



I’ve never come across anyone else asking for this, but I so. completely. agree!

Especially for habit trackers, time trackers, and calendars, or anything that automatically rolls over tasks or counters. I had some other examples too, but can’t recall.

Sometimes I wonder how annoying it would be to just set my computer’s time to a timezone shifted 3 or 4 hours. I imagine that would have some unintended side effects, and make scheduling things more difficult.

Brainstorming, I wonder if a good workaround would be to use some kind of snippet manager to jump to an Obsidian URI that matched your daily note. For example, in MacOS, I bet Alfred App has the necessary tools to do that. Or Mac or Linux could likely write a script that would calculate the offset date string and copy it to your clipboard, and send that to some URI launcher. Windows, I have no idea.

There’s precedent:

And the same feature request in other day-planning apps:

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