Daily notes folder separated from New file location

Essentially, under “Daily notes”, for “[Daily notes] location” to have a separate option from “New file location”.

Use case or problem

I capture my Daily notes in an “inbox” (folder) and sometimes I complete them to satisfaction and file them quickly with the rest of my Daily notes archive; sometimes they sit in my Daily Notes Inbox for days or weeks as I actively refer to them and chip away at the tasks/notes/projects noted within. Having the “Inbox” allows me to keep my open tasks/projects clear and present. This works very well for me in terms of keeping my active notes active and separate from the accessible archive!

However, this setup means that any daily notes outside of my “Inbox” then do not get recognized by Obsidian as a daily note, are not included in calendar view, etc.

And, I cannot use the Nested Daily Note Folders feature because I need these nested folders in the daily notes “archive”, not in the “inbox”.

Proposed solution

I think what I need is for Obsidian to recognize All subfolders within a Daily note folder, and then allow a specified folder (may be the top level Daily note folder, may be a side level or subfolder) for newly generated notes to go. Essentially for a “Daily notes folder/location” to be a separate option from the “New file location” [for the Daily notes].



It’s early minutes, though it looks like this may be working as needed: I’ve turned on the Unique note creator.

Daily notes:
Date format is now set as: YYYY-MM-DD dddd
New file location [for Daily notes] is a high level folder to include all my Daily notes.

Unique note creator:
New file location is the “inbox” folder (which is within my high level Daily notes folder)
Unique prefix format: YYYY-MM-DD dddd

Caveats with this workaround

This means I cannot use the “unique prefix format” for general/all notes if I wanted to pursue a Zettelkasten method that way. For me, having a Daily notes inbox is more important, so that’s the choice I make.

Since I’m not actually generating Daily notes (generating “new unique notes” instead) my folder structure/subfolders have to be managed and applied completely manually. That’s okay for me, since again it’s more important for me to have my “inbox” reliable.