Daily Notes commands missing from command palette when no hotkeys assigned

Steps to reproduce

Not 100% sure this is a bug but I’ve never before encountered a command that is available in Settings->Hotkeys but is missing from command palette.

  1. Make sure the Daily Notes core plugin is active
  2. Go to Settings -> Hotkeys and filter for ‘daily’
  3. Reset any hotkeys for ‘Open next/previous daily note’
  4. Close settings
  5. Open command palette and search for ‘daily’

Expected result

‘Open next/previous daily note’ should be available as commands in command palette, even if no hotkeys are assigned.

Actual result

The commands are missing from command palette if no hotkeys are assigned. They do appear in the palette if hotkeys are assigned.


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina 10.5.7
  • Obsidian version: v0.10.12

Additional information

Workaround is to assign hotkeys to these commands. Before I found this workaround, I assumed these commands didn’t exist.

My assumption has been that the command palette is basically a complete list of Obsidian commands. Is my assumption wrong? Or does this instance reveal a bug? Perhaps not all available plugin commands are being included in command palette inadvertently.

You are confusing things.
they only appear when you are focused on daily note

Ah well so it is. Then I withdraw my report.