Daily note template with tomorrow and yesterday links and annual folders

I spent a couple hours working on this this morning so I thought I would share in case anyone else is trying to get a daily note template set up with annual subfolders.
This uses the core Daily Notes plugin as well as using/working with community plugins Templater and Calendar (that is, clicking a date in calendar creates a new daily note in the correct annual subfolder, even if not already created, with correct yesterday and tomorrow notes). Also populates the day of the week and the full spelled out date in the header.

← [[Daily/<% tp.date.now("YYYY/MM-DD", -1,  (tp.file.folder() + "/" + tp.file.title), "YYYY/MM-DD") %> | <% tp.date.now("MM-DD", -1,  tp.file.title, "MM-DD") %>]] | <% tp.file.title %> | [[Daily/<% tp.date.now("YYYY/MM-DD", 1, (tp.file.folder() + "/" + tp.file.title), "YYYY/MM-DD") %> | <% tp.date.now("MM-DD", 1, tp.file.title, "MM-DD") %>]] →

# <% tp.date.now("dddd, MMMM D YYYY", 0,  (tp.file.folder() + "/" + tp.file.title), "YYYY/MM-DD") %> 

Creates a daily note header like this (edit mode):

or preview mode:

You could cut down on the breadcrumb code by using words like “yesterday” and “tomorrow” or “previous” and “next” but I prefer to have the dates linked so I made the code print those, too.

Nice. And for anyone looking, theres more discussion here

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