Daily note shows as an orphan in filtered graph view even though it has links

Things I have tried

I have searched the help forum but can’t find any similar report.

What I’m trying to do

New user to Obsidian. I am using daily notes to create a journal of ideas for each day. I create links from each daily note to new .md files. In the global graph view I can see the edges to each daily note, but when I filter to the folder that contains just my daily notes, some of the daily notes show up as orphans (i.e. no edges to other nodes), even though I have created new .md files for them (these will show up on global view). I am filtering the graph using the following:

path:“Notes/200 Daily notes” (i.e. the directory (Notes) and name of folder ‘(200 Daily notes’ that contains all my daily notes)

filter with Ophans turned on. If I turn off the Orphans, I can’t even see my daily notes as nodes.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? In the screen shot below, there are 3 daily notes that have no edges connected to them even though these will show up in the global unfiltered view.

I think you may provide the content of the problematic note, as well as where are these notes located, so that people can help figure out what’s going wrong.

Thanks GLight. Here is an example of the content for the 20210405-2150 daily note:

Location/path of all daily notes: Notes/200 Daily notes
Daily note file name: 20210405-2150
Exact text, I.e. content of the 20210405-2150 daily note in .md format:

Screen shot of global graph view showing connection between daily note and its linked file as expected:

Screen shot of ”filtered view by path” showing that the daily note is an “orphan” when it really isn’t:

is Biophysical and Optical.. stored in Notes/200 Daily?
If not, why do you expect to see it since you are filtering it out?

It’s an orphan in the context of the filtered search

If you want to keep the [[Bio…logy]] node in the graph, you may modify the filter by adding a condition like:

file:("Biophysical and Optical Basis for Morphology")

Otherwise, as mentioned by @WhiteNoise, with a filter like:

path:"Notes/200 Daily notes" 

the notes which are not located within “Notes/200 Daily notes” are excluded.

OK. Thanks to @GLight and @WhiteNoise. I now realize that if my Daily notes are in a different folder from my other notes, then the graph-view won’t show those links. This now makes sense to me. The edges I was able to see in the graph-view were to nodes that had not yet been activated as independent .md files. As soon as I activated those nodes as new .md files outside of my Daily notes folder, those links disappeared too since they were not in the same folder as the Daily notes. I basically organize all my .md files in either a generic “Notes” folder or a “Daily notes” folder.

At the risk of furthering this thread, I guess I should explain that what I was looking for was a method to show my daily notes on the graph-view in such as way that I could easily spot which ones were truly global “orphans”. My use case is the following:

I was hoping to use Daily notes as a means a quickly first getting ideas into digital format, without having them looking pretty or having well thought out links. Then at a later stage I would come back to my Daily’s and refine them with links, etc. But I wanted to be able to easily filter out which Daily’s were true unlinked orphans so that I could go back and work on those. I was hoping that the graph-view would allow me to find those quickly. I hope I’ve been able to explain my proposed workflow. Now I just got to figure out if there is functionality within Obsidian to allow me to do that.

Use the search panel.

you can have a try of the following search condition to see if it gives you what you want.
I did not have a throughly test, so there is no guarantee of anything.

Anyway, have some tests and have fun!

path:000Journal -/\[\[/

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