Daily note on mobile becomes empty

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create and open today note using core plugin. Template includes Tasks query outputs and room for free text.
  2. Make edits: complete tasks, add free text.
  3. Close the note.
  4. Reopen at a later stage.

Expected result

Daily note with my edits.

Actual result

Note with only a header. Body of the note erased.
Other notes that had tasks referenced in today note queries maintain edits correctly (ie completed tasks remain completed), only the contents of daily page seem to be affected.


  • Operating system:

Android 11

  • Debug info:

Not possible on mobile? Please do let me know if I overlooked

Additional information

Obsidian version 1.4.3.
The issue seems to occur after transition to core plugin. It does not occur all the time, I have lost perhaps four or five daily notes like this over 3 weeks. I could not catch it with bare bones version of Obsidian.
Both unique notes overall and daily note titles are YYYY-MM-DD, not sure if that matters.
File recovery plugin does not show previous version of the note, only the one with empty body.


Command palette (swipe down), “Show debug info” and paste it here.

What service do you use for sync between devices (if any)?

How many devices do you use? Are you using Obsidian Sync to synchronize among them?

Yanina mentioned that the issue no longer exists.

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