Daily Note Folder/Template "not found"

I’ve set the path to both the Template (a file created within the Obsidian vault) and Daily Note Folder, but when I click the calendar icon to create a new note, both receive and error as “not found.” I’m very new to Obsidian, so I suspect I’m doing something terribly wrong: I used Finder to copy the pathways and pasted these into the two Daily Notes Plugin options. Should I be editing the file pathway? Do they need to exist in a certain place on my computer. (Right now, they’re under my User files.) I’m using MacOS by the way.


They need to be within your vault. So, if your vault is something like <user>/Notes, you can create <user>/Notes/Daily and then just place Daily in your daily notes setting. (Also place the template in there and reference it with Daily/<template_name>.)

I’m not familiar with MacOS, but I guess you could create a shortcut/symlink from there to your preferred location if you wish to do so.

Yes, @input_sh is right, please use the path that’s relative to your vault. If your folder is in VAULT/folder/subfolder, put folder/subfolder in that field. Same for the template file, don’t forget the .md extension (as per the placeholder text).

Will make folder fields auto-complete in the future, sorry about the confusing experience for now.

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I’ve been looking for a solution for the last 24 hours and yours was perfect. Thank you.

Just highlighting:



The template folder path will autocomplete if you start by the name of your subfolders in your vault.