Daily note and quote for specific day


I want to add quotes to my daily notes. Not a big deal.

However, the problem is that I want a specific quote (inside my vault) to be add to my daily note for a specific day.

For example, I have a quote for 15/12 so I want that quote to be added into my daily note tomorrow. And the same quote in one year.

Do you see a way to do this? must I put all the quotes inside a single note or each quote in a note ?

Thanks for your help !

If you have all the quotes already, then putting them all in a single file called quotes and form them, one to a line as what Tracker calls, a dvField, like this,

2023-12-15:: I like inspirational quotes

Then you could simply have a quick tracker code block with templater in your local note, get templater to sub in todays date and you are away.

Could also use dataview as an inline too…

What do you normally use plugin wise?

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