Daily note always creates new file

What I’m trying to do

I want to work with “daily folders” (YYYY-MM-DD/) that contain individual, timestamp-based notes (HH[h]mm My topic for this note.md).

Things I have tried

Using Folder Note + Dataview extensions, the daily folder pages show me a list of the notes for that day.

I have configured my Daily Notes plugin to link to the “folder note” document for the day: YYYY/MM - MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD/[_about_.md]

However, the “Open today’s daily note” button (left ribbon) always creates a new note. If _about_.md already exists, it will create _about_ 1.md, second time _about_ 2.md, and so on.
I just want it to open the default _about_.md!

Why does Daily Notes always create a new document? How can I configure it to simply link to the existing one?

Same issue for this kind of link [[\20 CUSTOMERS\22 XBANK\A&F\A&F 20220527]]

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