Daily Log at Work - Advise on keep track of events

Hi Obsidian community,

I have being using Obsidian almost a year now and I m trying to keep it for my daily task management and work log.

Due to the nature of the work i need to keep log of what and when something has been discussed. I use mainly tasks for that but i find difficult when an update comes how to write it down.
To illustrate an example.

01/01 on the daily note i make a task that “Person A is travelling week 02 for Project 01”
02/01 A few days later the Client X says that we need to change the travelling date for week 03.
03/01 I ask Person A to check his agenda and confirm that he is available. I also set a reminder for that to check if he respond on time.
04/01 I reveive a reply that Person A will not be able and Person B should travel.
05/01 I inform client X and wait confirmation.
this can continue endlessly and in the end i need to have a collection of events gathered at one page.

Do you have any idea how to keep such a log?
I m thinking for each task to have a seperate page but imagine that throughout a week i may have to deal with a hundrend of those tasks so I will definetely start missing tasks.

Any idea is really appreciated.

I would probably just use daily notes to note what happened or changed on that day, and the mark lines with tags, like

#PersonA needs to go to #location5 for #Project2 on [[2024-05-25]] #ongoing

and then do inline queries anywhere you want like:

tag: PersonA tag:Project2

Or any combination you need to see what happened when.

Thanks @JohannSnyman.
Exactly that i want to do.
Note down on a daily note but be able to recall the history at any time,

Could you possibly explain how the inline query works as i havent figure it out