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Trying to create a folder for daily notes. I manually put a folder within my main Obsidian folder but I can’t figure out how to enter its path in the plugin’s settings. When I try to create a note I simply get “can’t get folder.”

Should be simple. Just remember that the folder name you put into the plugin’s settings is relative to the root of the vault.

So if you have your vault in /home/user/Documents/vault, your Daily Notes folder will probably be /home/user/Documents/vault/Daily Notes/ and you only put the Daily Notes part into the setting. Oh, and you should have created the folder before.

Same goes for the template file location.

This is how my settings look like:

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Thanks for that information, Moonbase 59. Assuming I have multiple vaults, is there a proper format of URL to enter in the plugin settings that would work correctly regardless of which vault is active?

You’re welcome. Same format, since Obsidian uses per-vault settings.

Note: This also means you have to add plugins, change settings, modify CSS, etc. on a per-vault basis!

This has its pros and cons: You can have vaults that are completely different, but you can’t have “one set of settings for all”. My advice here: Try to use as few vaults as possible.

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