Daily Fleeting Notes with Note Refactor

I use the Daily Notes as a home base to record fleeting notes throughout the day.

For example,


[[First Topic]]

Some text about the first topic.

[[Second Topic]]

Some text about the second topic.

By using the Note Refactor plugin I then append whatever I write below a wiki-linked topic to that very same note.

To do this I first highlight the wikilink heading, hit Ctrl + Shift + C , then select the file to append or create.

This results in the following:

When I come back to that same topic in the future I can do the same thing from another Daily Note page. Eventually this builds up and I can write more permanent content on the topic note. Although I could just look in the backlinks panel, this allows me to see everything on one page and easily toggle on or off.

It is particularly useful when taking notes in meetings or just generally ‘thinking out loud’ all day. Until I found this workflow I was on the fence about using an additional outliner tool (e.g. Logseq, Roam, etc.) but now I can quite confidently say I’m “all in” on Obsidian.

It took me a while to figure out how the templates should be configured in the Note Refactor plugin so I thought I would share that here.

“Note link template”:


“Refactored note template”:

### {{title}}

Anyway, big thanks to James Lynch for creating this plugin, it has revolutionized the way I use Obsidian.


Thank you for the great tip. This is very helpful tip for my daily obsidian life.

FYI, regarding “Refactored note template”:

### {{title}}

worked for me.

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good catch. I typed that out incorrectly.

I’m playing with these things.
I have one question.

I’d like to refact several lines of “From_note” to “To_note.”.

Note link template


Refactored note template

# {{title}}

As you can see, there are {{title}} in the both template.

But, the real values of both ((title)) expressions are different.

From “Note link template” : From_note.md
From “Refactored note template” : From_note

Because of the additional .md, backlink*?) doesn’t work.

Any idea for solving this problem?

Thank you in adance.


@luke85 - thanks for this - you refer to NOTE REFACTOR plug in - what or where is that? Thanks.


Thanks for the tip here - which also explains to me what the heck note refactoring is, and how to use it.

I’m very slowly learning this new method of organizing documents, after years of relying on folder hierarchies. I came from Craft to Obsidian, and missed Craft’s block structure. Refactoring can help me achieve those benefits.


I really like this - going from daily note, taking the content thrown down there into the places where it ‘lives on’ - great idea

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This is great! I feel like I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.

I have, for example, weekly team meetings. During the meetings we discuss a variety of recurring projects and topics. With this approach, I create a new meeting note, “Meeting 2022-05-22,” and then headline each agenda item like, “[[some_project]]”. Then, I can refactor the notes, and go and see all of the notes collected in meetings over time under the [[some_project]] note.

Any luck in solving this problem?

It’s the one thing I’ve been attempting to achieve since 2020… No luck anywhere but it seems this gets close.

Unfortunately, no porgress siince my posting