Cyrillic encoding issue. Need UTF-8

The problem arises when I create a new file as usual in Russian (Cyrillic). For example, I create a file with the name “Новая задача” (which means New Task). I expect this file to be created in UTF-8 encoding, but when I attempt to view the changes, I see that the file is in cp1251 or some other encoding:

When I run git status:
“Projects/Todo/\320\235\320\276\320\262\320\260\321\217 \320\267\320\260\320\264\320\260\321\207\320\”

And when I upload this file somewhere else, the name is already in this format,
Ресурсы/Люди и связи/

I suggest making Obsidian save everything in UTF-8 for file names.

obsidian uses UTF8. The filename encoding is managed by your OS.

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