Cycle bullet list / checkbox

I used to use cmd enter to transform a line into a list (bullet list) and then into a task,…
(I don’t remember the whole cycle, I only used bullet list > task and conversely)
I don’t find this command anymore
I searched the forum and cannot find any indication
Has it disappeared from current version of Obsidian
And if not how can I find and execute this command ?

Have a look here:

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I search on Obsidian iPad as well as on iPhone and I don’t find the cycle list/task.
I will check on my Mac asap…

They are on my phone (iOS):

you are right. I could not find because language was set on French. I found it when switching to English :star_struck:
Obsidian is not 100% translated: some commands are still in English and others not.
Cycle is translated but I cannot find it in French

and I see it is not possible to assign kb shortcut with iPhone (no external kb for the moment)

You can add the command(s) to the mobile toolbar (Settings > Toolbar in English) for easy access.