Cut/copy images from Canvas into cards or notes

Use case or problem

A variety of likely use cases for Canvas (such as a brainstorming space or a scratchpad) involve dropping images onto the canvas that will eventually end up somewhere else, such as in a card or a note.

Canvas currently does not allow a user to directly copy/cut an image placed directly onto the canvas and paste it into a card or file as an embedded image. (If attempted, the cut/copy part of the process appears to work, but when the paste command is used, nothing appears.)

Proposed solution

Configure the cut and copy commands to recognize when an image file (or any other file with similar behavior) is cut or copied. Then, if the paste command is used within a card or note, paste the string for embedding that file, delivering the expected behavior of the image appearing at the cursor’s location.

Current workaround (optional)

  1. Right-click on the image
  2. Click “reveal file in navigation”
  3. Drag the highlighted file from the navigation bar to the desired location in the card or note
  4. Remove the image from the canvas

Related feature requests (optional)

None found.

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