Customizing the Admonition plugin for an elegant panel of links

Here is something I’ve been using to have a selection of links available in an uncluttered way. It uses Jeremy Valentine’s Admonition plug-in, set to open in “collapsed” mode and with a link to my “Home” note in the title. I have a (TextExpander) snippet that inserts this text, which provides a handy navigational panel in notes.

Screen Shot 2021-07-10 at 07.50.45

When you open it from collapsed mode, you then get this:

Obsidian-Admonition for home link - uncollapsed

Here’s the syntax:

icon: arrows-alt
color: 153,50,204
collapse: closed 
title: Link to [[HOME]]
- [[Related note 01]]
- [[Related note 02]]
- [[Related note 03]]
- [[Related note 04]]

Good idea !! Thank you :+1: