Customize the Callout Block Syntax

What I’m trying to do

I wanted a foldable block for some notes which I did not want always to be shown on the note but must be able to see it later. This block can contain some Markdown Syntax notes within. The solution for my problem was foldable callout blocks.

> [!FAQ]- Answer
> - Note 01
> Paragraph
> ---
> ### Heading 03
> lorem ipsum

But the problem with this is, I have to begin every line of this block with >. Which makes writing in markdown tedious.

What I think would Work

If I could use something like this to write those blocks.

```callout faq foldable - Answer
- Note 01
### Heading 03
Lorem Ipsum

By Default this code block shows an interface to write code. But in this case once callout is specified it must display normal markdown editing interface or a slight color change in the background so that I will know I am writing within the block.

I am quite sure this is achievable using a custom css snippet. But I am not that good at css. It would be a great help someone could give me a css snippet for this.

I would try writing whatever you want in the callout, highlighting it, and running the command Insert callout. You can add the title and the - at the end. I use this all the time and you can set a hotkey (the second time I do it in the gif):

CleanShot 2023-07-24 at 18.18.26

I was also using a similar approach. I just use a hotkey for blockquote by selecting the lines which I added to the block. I sometimes write many paragraphs and lines within the block. Doing this was not ok for me always. That is why I am looking for a solution similar to what I mentioned.

Before callouts there were GitHub - javalent/admonitions: Adds admonition block-styled content to I think they still work.

You could have a look there.

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