Customize right sidebar on mobile

What I’m trying to do

I’m on 1.6.1 and I am trying to clean-up my right sidebar. When I swipe right to left, the right sidebar opens and it has a drop-down with: backlinks, outgoing links, outline, calendar (twice).

How do I clean this up and
i) remove items from the drop-down
ii) add a note in the left sidebar, just like I can do on desktop?

Things I have tried

Tried long-press/hold, tried looking in the options, searched online.

Searched for “mobile”, “right pane”, “customization”

  • Turn off the core or community plugins if you don’t use them and want them gone from the list.

  • If there’s a glitch, like the two Calendars, turning the plugin off and on again should sort it out.

  • Here I’m tapping once, lifting my finger, and then long pressing on the plugin (to get the pop-up from the bottom.

Thank you! Selecting “close” fixed it - is there any way to add other things in the right sidebar? I don’t see anything in the settings like for the left sidebar.

In the Discord #insider-mobile-release channel (which you have access to), Liam mentioned they are still iterating on the design. I’d follow along and add your questions and feedback there, as it’s still in beta and being adjusted. :slightly_smiling_face: