Customizable Live Preview with feature toggles

Use case or problem

Live Preview renders everything as if it were Reading Mode, but sometimes it may be desirable to render only certain elements in this way. For example, `[[brackets]]` may be visually preferable for some users, so they may enable source mode; however, if they insert an image, Live Preview or Reading Mode must be enabled to see the image, requiring an additional click or keystroke.

Proposed solution

Allow for the option to toggle elements, determining whether or not they are rendered by Live Preview, such as:
  • Images
  • Lists
  • Font (bold, italics, etc.)
  • Links
  • Tags
  • Headings

Current workaround (optional)

Various plugins or CSS (I assume)
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another workaround is use legacy editor + codemirror options plugin in order to manually set which LP feature to enable
what is your workaround exactly?

Using the legacy editor would have many downsides I think.

I actually don’t have a workaround right now :pensive:

Ozan Image-in-Editor plugin provides this functionality

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