Customise colour of nodes in graph views

Hello, I am new to this forum and Obsidian as well really :slight_smile:

Still, used it enough to want to hack the appearance of graph elements.
I have applied a custom .css theme, but find it hard to figure out how to change the colours of nodes. After reading the Obsidian Help Pages on css styling, I believe that css cannot directly affect the graph views. So the graph renderers canvas and WebGL, has been used to aggregate some styling in the graph views based on custom css commands?

I do not claim to have any knowledge about either of these technologies, but based on exisiting themes available, it seems to me that the one specific node state I want to be able to style have not yet been leveraged.

So, what I want is to be able to customise the colour of the selected(not hover) node/note in the local graph view. As of now, it seems to default to the same colour as all other nodes.
When a note is selected, it would be very helpful to quickly be able to identify it in both graph views (local and global).
Please see attachment for visuals.

Is this possible and if not can this be added as a feature request?

EDIT: I have learned that the selected nodes size increases slightly in the local graph. Also, when tags are turned on in the graph settings, they show only for the selected node, which helps in identification. However, my need to be able to control the selected node colour, still remains.

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