Custom URI commands in command palette

Use case or problem

I’d like to be able to add custom URI commands to command palette and add a hotkey for it.
I’m using sliding panes on iPad, and would like to have a shortcut for jumping into the settings to resize the default pane width, so that I can decrease the width so that it works with iPadOS slide over (very narrow window, width needs to be ca. 360).

Proposed solution

Add the ability to have custom URI style commands to the command palette.
This way I can add following command which brings me to the sliding panes settings (enabled through the plugin “Hotkey Helper”): obsidian://goto-plugin?id=sliding-panes-obsidian&show=config

Current workaround (optional)

Using the plugin “hotkeys for specific files”, I have a hotkey to open a note which contains the above link to the sliding panes settings.
But this doesn’t really save me many clicks in comparison to just open the sliding panes settings manually.

The “Shell commands” plugin would supposedly work, but it’s not compatible with iOS.

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For anyone looking for this feature: @rusablue has amazingly just created this plugin!
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