Custom Theme Has Rendered Me Inoperative

Things I have tried

I installed a custom theme that has rendered my Obsidian useless. The Settings icon has disappeared and I cannot find a way to get it back. I can resize my Obsidian window, but cannot move it around my screen. I need to desperately get rid of this theme, but cannot find a way to do it short of deleting the entire application and redownloading. Since I cannot get to settings I cannot even tell you the name of the custom theme. Sorry, not a geek, just a user.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

What I’m trying to do


I got the same problem.
I deleted the theme via the file explorer (on windows): .obsidian > themes
Then reload obsidian and you should be fine.

Thanks. I actually discovered I could get to Settings by using CMD-P, so it saved me. The Theme was “Shimmering Focus”. It was designed to be minimal and I should have set up a Hot Key to get to settings, but there should be a big warning. For me, it made Obsidian almost useless. To each their own. Thanks.

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