Custom sort of files in folder- File Order plugin issue

Sorting files within folders

I’m fairly new to Obsidian but getting up to speed quickly. I’d like to be able to sort files within folders in custom order (ie, not by date or name). I’ve installed the plugin “File Order” which works fine on Mac, but order of files on iOS is completely out of order (using Obsidian sync).

Things I have tried

I’ve updated the plugin, but numerical order of files is only correct on Mac, not iOS or iPad.
Perhaps this plugin just doesn’t work on iOS? If anyone has other suggestions for custom sorting of files, open to suggestions- thanks!

It looks like File Order can be installed on mobile. I’d check their GitHub repo to see if there are any issues and post one if you can’t find anything.

Some other options for custom sorting of the Files tab:

Make sure you have the file order plugin enabled in the settings of the iOS app?
Settings cog - community plugins - current plugins

Thanks all. Will look at those other options… Interestingly, in iOS, when I tried to toggle the switch to enable File Order, I get “Failed to load plug in File Order”-- it simple won’t toggle on. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, but no difference.

I didn’t try earlier, but I see the same thing trying to install it now. To the GitHub! It’s possible it doesn’t work on mobile but the developer forgot the set the “desktop-only” flag.

…or you could embrace the plugin-free Files lifestyle:

00 meta
01 inbox
02 journal
04 canvas
05 projects

and so on… :smile:

Does anyone have an option that functions on iOS? If f note file and note ordering, I’d love to be able to pin a single note to the top of the file list.

For the options covered here.

“File order”. No, does not function on iOS.
“Custom Sort” No, uses bookmark entries to control sorting, and the bookmark manager does not work on iOS (please correct me if this has been fixed).
“File tree alternative” No, does not allow note reordering.
"Obsidian bartender " No, does not work on iOS.
“” No. It’s the equivalent of tidying your house by putting it thru a wood chipper and moulding the outcome into a functional stealth bomber. Maybe it can change file order? Hard to say, it certainly changes everything else.

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