Custom paragraph spacing

Use case or problem

In the new WYSIWYG-like editor, paragraphs are separated by a blank line, which means that there is more space between paragraphs than is typical for a typeset document. It would be nice if this editor worked more like e.g. Typora, where there is a (smaller) more natural vertical spacing between paragraphs.

Proposed solution

I suggest that when you press “enter” in the new editor, it should create a new paragraph instead of just a line break, and paragraphs should be separated by a space that is less than the height of a line.

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I suggest you add a like to this feature request.:

And make a separate request about spacing. There have been other requests for indentation like Typora, which ought to imply reduced spacing. (iirc the two paragraph models are indentation OR space between the paragraphs; I don’t know if anyone wants indentation AND a large space between paragraphs).