"Custom" Panels

Hi there,

Newbie here… I see some users with custom panels/panes etc. How are these created?

I only know how to move around tags, file explorer etc.


Not sure I understand what you mean by “custom panes”. Can you describe this in more detail or provide a screenshot?

Got this covered over here:

Thanks and apologies for double post. I missed the drag option on the page icon, I was trying the pane title area. Got it working now!

One follow-on question, t’s related to a custom css theme so probably not the best place to ask(?) ->

  • I have the “page pane” working, but the “Red Graphite” theme displays the font color the same as the background. Would you know the element/class to change this? (no biggie if it’s down to the theme creator, I can always just use a different theme!)

Thanks again!

I would ask in the Red Graphite theme thread!