A Snapshot of My Workspace

Just wanted to share my Obsidian workspace so far. Ideas or suggestions very welcome.

Calendar - found in one of the threads here (thanks to those who shared) - I do wish there was a way to highlight today or provide other visual cues
Project Panel - quick panel to jump to active projects
Todoist - now with iframe its so awesome! Todoist fits in really well here.
Day Note:
Similar to many I have a macro that I use here . In my case I am using Keyboard Maestro to construct the note. So far it populates weather and calendar.

For weather I use this wttr https://github.com/chubin/wttr.in
Here is the syntax I use (its very customizable): curl -s ‘wttr.in/{New York}?format=%l:+%c+%C+%t\n’

For Calendar I use icalbuddy (I can provide more detail if anyone is interested)

~~For Todoist I have the following KM workflow: Basically anything I want to turn into a task I type in (dot)do (lol - I type the macro trigger the first time and everything went nuts). Anyhow…the macro deletes the "- " prefix, copies the line, creates a task in Todoist inbox and then makes the original line strike though (to indicate its been processed into Todoist).

Well that’s it so far!


This looks sleek and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for sharing.
I may have missed something, but how are you iframe Todoist?

I’m very taken with the weather feature - could you supply idiot-proof instructions on what to put in an .md to get what you depict in the screen shot? Much appreciated.

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Cool! Well as mentioned I am leaning on the awesome Keyboard Maestro for most of this. With the exception of the Todoist pane which is using an iframe…there really is nothing specific to the .md per se. For the weather bit here basically how it works (again all triggered in KM)

  • once I’m staring at my blank today note I just hit my trigger for “Daily Note”
  • this launches the Keyboard Maestro macro
  • for the weather is basically executes the shell command I provided in my original post, copied it to a variable and then pastes it directly to the today note file (the benefit of doing it this way is that obsidian doesn’t even have to be open - I can just have this triggered daily at 12am for example if I want to).

That’s pretty well it. Hoping that was somewhere helpful. Basically (on a Mac) open up terminal and paste this: curl -s ‘wttr.in/toronto?format=3’
That should return todays weather for New York. Now…without Keyboard Maestro you could (I believe) just direct the output to the desired .md file. Something like this I think:

curl -s ‘wttr.in/toronto?format=3’ > nameofyour.md
(the ?format=3 makes it single ilne. if you do just curl -s ‘wttr.in/toronto you will get an awesome 23 day report.)

Hopefully that gets you going!

@Andrei it just occurred to me that iframe may not be generally available yet.


With HTML <iframe>. It’s introduced in 0.8.1 which is currently in insider phase.

Thanks for sharing! Here is the simple iframe I used to embed Todoist.
<iframe width="100%" height="900" src="https://todoist.com/app/#start" style="border:1px solid black;"></iframe>

NOTE: you may need to login to your Todoist account via email. May not work with Google login.

Works great!


Thanks for sharing. So, as I understood the source for the tasks is your daily note, which starts from specific symbol and then goes to Todoist inbox, where later you sort it to labels like “Next actions”, “Waiting” and so on? (i use these labels from Getting things done system)? It means that this macros is somehow connected with Todoist and can create tasks there?

Also, question to everyone - does anybody knows good alternative of Keyboard Maestro for Windows?

AHK, Fastkeys, AutoIt, MacroExpress, WinAutomation

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I’ve had some cross-platform success with Espanso. There’s even a thread on this forum with some good ideas for scripts. I’m mobile, so I can’t link it now, but look for ‘Fun with Espanso’.

How to do it with AHK?

Pretty much. What’s really nice is that with the natural language processing in Todoist I can do a lot right from the daily note without needing to retouch it in Todoist. I can schedule it, label it, and assign it to a project, assign a priority too. The only caveat is with projects. as Todoist denotes a project with the # prefix so using it also tags it in Obsidian…although this cold be considered useful too.

Loving the Todoist embed idea!

Did you modify Todoist’s stylesheet somehow or do you just happen to be using an Obsidian theme that closely resembles Todoist’s dark theme?

I modified the obsidian css. I’d share it but its totally not elegant.

Ah, didn’t realise you can add custom styles to embeds that way as well. Thanks for the hint!

Kinda unrelated question here… How do you create custom panels/panes? For example, the Project Panel above.

I know how to add tag pane and move around file explorer etc. but can’t figure out how to create these “custom” type panels…

If you click and drag on a note pane’s icon, you can put it on the sidebar as is pictured in the OP! See the “drag to rearrange” modal here:

I’m really interested. I saw iCalBuddy mentioned few times (in combination with templater) but without details. Can you expand?