Custom (non-Cloudflare) Domain for Publish

I have searched but not found, so figured I should ask:

Has anyone gotten the instructions for how to set up a custom domain via proxy, to work? How? I can’t get it to work.

What I’m trying to do

Get my Obsidian Publish site to show content on a URL based off one of my domains.

Things I have tried

Almost everything. I say “almost” as I clearly haven’t tried the correct thing. :slight_smile:
I have followed the instructions literally to the letter, copying and pasting from the docs and pasting in to the relevant places, and only swapped out the dummy example domain name for my real/actual domain name.

I run nginx on my server so I used the example code for nginx (on the docs example link, above). Didn’t work. Tried all combinations of trailing slashes on both “location” and “proxy_pass” url (the example differs and uses a trailing slash on one but not the other, and this normally can cause issues, but rest assured I started off with that and by now have tried all the combinations).

I input the exact URL in Obsidian/Publish settings too obviously, both with and without trailing slash (makes no difference).

The thing is, the URL resolves and I think it is even pointing at the correct place. It tries to load my site…but then it fails. I can see my title in the browser tab. When I look at the source code of what the browser is trying (but failing) to show me, it is like it has just skipped loading it all.

I’ve tried viewing it in 4 different browsers to avoid caching, or non-clean remnants being in the browser cache.

Still, if I turn off the “redirect to your custom domain” checkbox in Publish settings, the content is there (but then not on the intended URL).

So…anyone on nginx and also not on Cloudflare, who has gotten this to work? What am I missing?

EDIT: adding links for comparison.

What I’m trying to view: 0000 - Welcome - I Make Things Work
What it should look like: 0000 - Welcome - I Make Things Work