Custom hour shift for sleep tracker

There is a standard tracker for sleep that displays sleep with a value shift of -24:00
But during the days I sleep after 12:00, this is displayed in the graph as if I slept for more than 12 hours. How can I use a valueShift of 00:00 if my slept-at is less than 12:00 and -24:00 if slept-at is more than 12:00 ?

This is the default tracker snippet that I use with daily notes having standard slept-at and woke-at front matter

searchType: frontmatter
searchTarget: slept-at, woke-at

folder: 2022

valueShift: -24:00, 00:00
datasetName: Sleep, WakeUp
    title: "Sleep"
    yAxisLabel: "Time (24h)"
    lineColor: red, yellow
    showPoint: true
    showLegend: true
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