Custom Handwriting Font in Preview Mode

Custom Handwriting Font - read below how I did it

So I went on, created a custom font that’s just like my handwriting (for free!!). This will generates a .tff file. Then I installed it as a system font (really easy on Windows, just right click the .tff file and click “install”). Mine was called “Myfont1”.
With that I made a simple css snippet:

div.markdown-preview-view {
    font-family: Myfont1;
    font-size: 2em;

Basically it tells obsidian to use the system font “Myfont1” for the preview-view and make it’s size 2em.
And that’s it… it’s ready to use!!


That’s really neat! If my handwriting wasn’t so hard for even me to read, I’d probably convert my vault to this.

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@Craftidore LOL, I have the same problem.

when you have finished making your selections. The document will now reflect the font changes. Choose next to Close to exit out of Edit Mode.