Custom Frames and Google Keep fail

Verified that all cookes are enabled in Chrome

Get Custom Frames plugin to open Google Keep in Obsidian page.

Ooops! Never mind. I tried adding Google Calendar preset, and that worked fine. It accepted my login credentials, didn’t return an error message, and opened just fine. Then opened Keep and if opened immediately woithout any complaints. Weird!

Cool plugin except for that initial frustration.

Hi. Anyone using Custom Frames plugin successfully? Anyone running into errors such as below? Thanks for you help.

  1. Installed Custom Frames plugin. Everything seems straight forward. Chose the Google Keep preset.

  2. Google login opens in page.

  3. Attempt to login returns this error: “Your browser has cookies disabled. Make sure your cookies are enabled and try again.”

  4. Double-checked that cookies are enabled in Chrome, and specifically for google and google keep.

  5. Restart Chrome, restart obsidian, restart pc: Same error.

Suggestions muchly appreciated.

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