Custom fonts still missing

Some fonts are still missing from the Appearance menu. I’ve read that this was fixed but at least on my system, it’s not. As far as I can tell, it’s seeing all the English fonts in /System/Library/Fonts but none in /Library/Fonts (where my custom fonts are installed).


Operating system: macOS Monterey 12.4
Obsidian version: v0.15.3

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This behavior is apparently a security feature of the operating system and/or the underlining web platform. I learned this when I attempted to use Inconsolata as my Obsidian font. In investigating/googling the problem I found that I could not use the font in Safari either and that was the gist of the explanation.

The workaround I applied was to base64 encode the font and then embed it in my custom CSS file as an @font-face. I used Font-Face and Base64 Data-URI as a guide for doing this. Unfortunately, this not for the technically faint of heart.

I’m not seeing this. Fonts in /Library/Fonts show in the list for me when I start typing their name.

Have you quit and relaunched Obsidian since you installed the fonts?

Are they installed via Font Book on macOS?

Strange. Yes, they were installed via Font Book and I have restarted Obsidian since. It’s not the worst thing but I do miss my monospace file list.

Me too, same exact problem. Have restarted, checked font locations, etc.
Just chiming in…

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