Custom font selection issue

Things I have tried

I have Ubuntu TTF fonts installed on macOS 10.14.6 in the usual location /Library/Fonts/. I can use them in a CSS snippet in Obsidian, and everything works as expected. However, when I try to select an Ubuntu font in “Settings > Appearance > Font > Text font”, no Ubuntu font is appearing on the list and I get the message “This font is not detected on your system”.

What I’m trying to do

I try to set Ubuntu Regular as main text font in Obsidian.

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UPDATE: Setting file mode bits (i.e., access permissions) for the corresponding TTF files to -rw-r--r-- to match other font files in the /Library/Fonts/ directory partly solves the issue: Now I can enter a font name in the corresponding field in settings, and the font will be set correctly. However, I still cannot select the right font from the font drop-down list.

Are the fonts validated?


Yes, they all pass validation test.

Windows user, similar problem. Can not select a font that is both installed on my desktop as a TTF, and is also included as a woff font-face in the css file of my chosen theme.

This 14.5 update has broken the theme’s font assignments, and I can not find a way to “patch” it until the theme author gets a chance to fix it.

Updating installer to v0.14.6 seems to solve the problem.

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