Custom dictionary / Custom glossary option or plugin

I’m hoping for an Obsidian feature (or plugin) that would allow me to do the following:

  1. When editing a file, the user selects a word or series of words, right-clicks and selects “Add to Glossary” or, better yet, “Add to Glossary xyz” (if the feature can manage multiple glossaries).
  2. When adding a term (a word or multiple consecutive words) to a glossary, a pop-up window opens to enter a definition. The user enters the definition and closes the pop-up window.
  3. The new term and its definition are then added as a new file in the “Glossary” folder (or “Glossary xyz” if the Multiple Glossaries option is possible) with the term as the file title and the definition as the content of the file. Each of these files is tagged “Glossary”.
  4. In the “Glossary” folder (or “Glossary xyz”) an index file is created and maintained by the plugin in which all the terms of the glossary are listed in alphabetical order and can be viewed with their definition under them (like in a dictionary).
  5. In any document in the vault or (even better) in any document and/or folder for which the “Glossary” feature/plugin has been activated, when a glossary term is recognized, it is automatically linked to its definition and can be rolled-over to view its definition and/or clicked to open the glossary at its position within the index.

I saw these conversations on the subject:

Something similar is discussed there and solutions are proposed, but it’s a bit complicated to set up and not exactly what I’m looking for. Also, I’m not a coder, I’m just a guy who wants to focus on his writing and I really miss this glossary feature for my work.

There’s also this project GitHub - vschroeter/obsidian-glossary: Plugin for obsidian to show explanations for abbreviations defined in an extra abbreviations file. which looks very close, but it’s not yet available in Obsidian and it looks like it’s still under development. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this one, but I still wanted to post this to document precisely my need and what I think a good solution should look like.

I expect many other users would be very interested in having such a feature added to the Obsdian core in some future release.

Thanks for reading and sharing…

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