Custom Date format on Mobile/iOS toolbar

What I’m trying to do

Change the date format to DD/MM/YY on the “Templates: Insert current date” shortcut, on the iOS toolbar.

You can change the apps systemwide default in the Settings, but it doesn’t affect the toolbar shortcut. Is there a way to create a custom shortcut for this in the iOS app (plugins?), or just modify this shortcut?


Things I have tried

Searching online for solutions. Looking through settings. Looking for plugins.

This was the closest plugin I could find to do that, but it doesn’t seem to achieve what I need… Maybe you could recommend another

Settings > Templates > Date Format works for me. (Potential source of confusion: settings for the Templater community plugin won’t work, I think).

What plugin?

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Oh… it worked this time – and I have no idea why: I didn’t even delete the app or anything (only thing that might have changed it was turning the phone on and off)… strange but thank you

This was it: GitHub - phibr0/obsidian-advanced-toolbar: Advanced Toolbar - Obsidian Plugin | Enhances Obsidian Mobile's Quick Action Toolbar

That plugin has been merged into Commander — if you decide to install it, you should install that one instead (and the dev should have put a notice in the README before archiving the repo).

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