Custom CSS themes for Preview

The Problem

Currently, to apply a different style to Preview requires manually merging or overwriting the preview CSS into the theme CSS and doing so each time the theme is updated.

The Idea

Allowing for a separate CSS file to only theme the markdown preview mode, this way you could leave the custom theme untouched and toggle a custom style for preview. For instance, you’re editing in markdown with your favorite custom them then you want to preview what the file looks like using your website’s css or your publisher’s styles.

The Bonus

Being able to set a template folder for the CSS files would be great because then we could wire up a keyboard shortcut to change the CSS preview template on the fly.

The Inspiration

This is inspired by iA Writer’s template ability to load custom styles for web/pdf preview.


+1 this. I’d also love to be able to have multiple preview outputs like Ulysses.