Custom css tags


Is it possible to use css with specific titles for example. In CSS i would define

color: #1F497D;


For example in asciidoc i could use [.thistitle]#MySpecial Title#

Not sure if this is also possible within Obsidian?


Hi, I think this is what you are looking for:


Thanks. As i read the article correctly this is more when you know what text is too be found inside the tag.

What i am looking for are more custom Class css. I did find something that you need to add this to the yaml header only this is effecting the whole page. I want to have this for one line.

Can i create my own custom class and use this on one particluar part of text in the document?

Not sure if that is possible, but I’m also not an JavaScript or css expert :slight_smile: Maybe someone else knows to this.

i believe this plugin provides the closest to what u explained. another option is write a html code, quoting back from your example, you can do
<h3 class="thistitle">My Special Title</h3> or <span class="thistitle">My Special Title</span>