Custom CSL for Getting Academic Literature Metadata from Mendeley into Obsidian

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out my workflow for creating notes for academic journal articles. My current thought is to create a new page for each article I read, and begin each page with metadata for that article. I’ve seen people create custom CSLs to easily export this from Zotero into apps like RemNote and automatically create [[pages]] for things like each Author, Journal, etc. (like this). I’ve tried creating my own custom CSL on Mendeley’s CSL editor to do this but the whole interface is confusing to me and it also just keeps crashing.

Any Mendeley users out there who have been able to do this? I’m hoping to get something that can create a bibliography in something like format:

  • Title: [[title_of_article]]
  • Authors: [[author1]], [[author2]], [[author3]]
  • Year: [[year_published]]
  • Journal: [[journal]]

Any help/insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Unfortunately I don’t use Mendeley so can’t be of help there. But can it export to bibtex? If so, you may want to look into the Citations plugin. It can parse your bibliography and create “literature notes” for which you can set up the template – so no messing with custom CSSs.
I’m not very particular about formatting my lit. notes, except to make sure that I insert the citekey – then I can just look back at the other details in my bibliography manager.

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Thanks, I’ll look into that some more! I mainly just want to use something like this to automatically create [[links]] rather than me having to manually type the double brackets each time. I like having pages for each author and journal and stuff so I can have information about all the other papers they have authored.

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