Custom Callouts for Publish?

I am debating on signing up for Obsidian Publish for my vault, or to use quartz instead.

The decision will be based on the criteria:

  • are custom callouts via css shown / can they be?
  • are dataview tables shown / can they be?

Does anyone have any experience publishing through both methods?

I have not used Quartz so cannot answer that.

Custom callouts are css, and so can be produced in Publish.

Dataview tables cannot be shown by default. Most plugins will not work for Publish.
You can get dataviewjs to produce a markdown table, and then copy and paste it back into the note. There are also some templater scripts out there that can “automate” some of this process.

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I know for a fact @LittleMaelstrom is right about the custom callouts. The easiest way I’ve discovered is: download the Admonition community plugin, create the callouts, “Export Custom Types as CSS”, save the file as “publish.css” and save it to the root folder (or paste it into the current publish.css file, assuming you’re publishing with a custom theme), and voila! Custom callouts on Obsidian Publish :slight_smile:

I would love to hear if there’s ever a fairly simple workaround for the dataview thing, but for now another easy method besides copying the dataview query mentioned above would be to utilize the ‘newish’ “Copy search results” feature in the Obsidian core Search. It obviously won’t update on the published site but it’s a surprisingly useful feature.

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