Custom background image

What I’m trying to do

im trying to make a background image for the ENTIRE window, instead of just the editing window. the solutions i found on this forum only cover the editing window.

Things I have tried

body {
background-image: url(image here);
background-size: cover;
background-position: fixed;

which doesnt seem to work.

Just replace “image here” with a valid url eg. “
This should add a background image to your main window.

To apply your image to other areas than the main win is way less intuitive bc you’ll need to:

  • target the specific areas (top, side areas)
  • apply a calculated % of your image to different areas than the main one.

i said i tried it but it doesnt work. something up with the bg colors of the panes which im not sure how to fix.

Quickly looking at two themes I know of that support background images (AnuPpuccin and Everforest Enchanted), it’s not as simple as setting a background image. It looks like you also need to make the panes, UI elements, tab headers, etc., transparent or partially transparent for the image to show through.

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